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Automotive Experts of Maple Valley is a family owned & operated automotive repair center serving Maple Valley, WA.

We are one of the most reputed and experienced name in the auto transmission repair industry.

Our technical expertise ensures that your vehicle’s transmission will be repaired, serviced or replaced correctly and affordably the first time.

We are specialists in providing world-class quality services and transmission repair to our valued customers.You can count on us to provide you friendly expert advice and provide our services at honest and economical prices. We have expertise and cutting edge techno logic diagnostic testing tools, combined with years of experience to ensure we get your vehicle’s transmission problems corrected quickly and correctly.

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Transmission-Maple-Valley-WAThe best way for you to avoid a transmission repair problems is to bring your car in regularly to Automotive Experts of Maple Valley for transmission service.

If your transmission is facing problems like jerky shifting, gear slipping and dirty fluid, it is a sign that your transmission needs repair or replacement.

Transmissions are a crucial component to your vehicle’s ability to drive, as it is responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the wheels.

Without a working transmission, your car wouldn’t be able to budge. We recommend that you see us for a transmission service around every 40,000 miles or less.

  • Replace transmission fluid filter
  • System fluid flush and replacement
  • Inspection to ensure all components are working correctly

But the main question is how will you recognize that your vehicle’s transmission needs if you don’t know how long it’s been since your last transmission service?

Here are some warning signs:

  • While shifting gears, it feels like it slips or jerks
  • Fluid which looks discolored and dirty
  • Check engine light stays on or flashes on
  • Engine revs slightly before transmission engages

It is very important to regularly schedule the transmission maintenance and catch transmission problems as soon as possible, to prevent even more damage from occurring.

Regular auto transmission repair or service will save you a great deal of money from having to replace your entire transmission. Not to mention, if you make sure to take care of your transmission, it’ll take care of you.

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Automotive Experts of Maple Valley is completely equipped to handle your repair and diagnostic needs:

  • Friendly expert advice
  • Use top quality brand name parts
  • Economical prices
  • Provide honest and precise assessment
  • Recommend the best alternatives for your vehicle repair
  • Free external diagnosis, road test and inspection
  • Dedicated customer service
  • ASE certified and licensed technicians

For honest and reliable transmission repair services, call us anytime and we will be happy to help you!(425) 432-7767