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Automotive Experts of Maple Valley is the automotive repair business center where you can expect incredible customer service and superior quality workmanship along with our many years of experience in the industry. Our automotive center in Maple Valley, WA has a team of highly trained experts and professionals, equipped with top of the line equipment, and a commitment to quality work and honesty.

Automotive Experts Inc. provides auto suspension repair and other automotive services at affordable prices, and will get your vehicle back on the road in no time.

We have expertise in repairing both domestic and foreign vehicles of various makes and models.

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The main purpose of the suspension system is to keep the tires of your car in constant contact with road and render a smooth ride and excellent handling. We can also make sure to minimize the wear and tear on your tires by providing a properly calibrated suspension repair.

The suspension system of the vehicle is made up of numerous components including:

  • Springs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Control arms
  • Sway bars
  • Ball joints and struts
  • Bushings

Damage to any one of these components can cause your car to experience instability. Not to mention damage to one of these components will also cause excessive wear and tear on your tires and car frame as well.

Some symptoms that might mean your vehicle requires auto suspension repair are:

  • Car bounces too long after going over a bump
  • The steering wheel is very hard to turn
  • Car pulls to one side while moving
  • Car wanders while driving
  • Steering wheel jerks and vibrates
  • The steering makes noise while turning

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At Automotive Experts of Maple Valley we are sure that the quality of our services, and our commitment to customer service and satisfaction cannot be beaten.

  • Experienced, licensed and technically proficient staff
  • AAA approved auto Repair Company
  • Comfortable waiting room
  • We live up to the guarantee of DONE RIGHT, THE FIRST TIME!
  • Upfront and economical prices
  • Free inspection
  • Dedicated to serving our customers automotive repair needs

For your car suspension repair, call us and we are always there to help you with all your repair needs.

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