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Automotive Experts of Maple Valley is committed to providing excellent customer service and the appropriate solutions and quality parts for your car or auto care needs.

We have been serving the city of Maple Valley, WA for many years with solutions for their auto repair needs and services.

At Automotive Experts Inc., we use advanced technology and extensive experience to help us service our customer’s cars and provide the highest level of customer service, to ensure our clients satisfaction.

We are family owned and operated, auto maintenance and repair, company.

From the time you check your car in to us, till the time you drive your car off our lot, our technicians and mechanics work tirelessly to get your vehicle on road as promptly as possible. We also support our services and car maintenance with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Full maintenance or service is often recommended by the manufacturer to make sure that your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently, as well as to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

It is typically recommended that you go in every 12 months for a full car maintenance check-up which will include diagnosis of your entire car, including the inspection of gear box oil levels, tires, lights, suspensions, wipers, brakes and lubricants, engine wear, and a myriad of other important inspections.

If we notice anything that is in danger of causing more damage to the vehicle or might cause unsafe driving conditions, we’ll recommend the appropriate service for your vehicle.

Here are some symptoms that might warn you that your car needs service:

  • Car shakes or jiggles when reaching a certain speed
  • Engine making strange sounds
  • Brakes screech or squeal while applying
  • Check engine light is on
  • Temperature gauge suddenly changes
  • Car makes clicking sounds while turning
  • A tire makes a thumping sound
  • You notice antifreeze under where you park
  • Muffler makes a hissing or rumbling noise

All these symptoms can be very serious and should not be ignored. If you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms, its time you call an auto repair expert for a complete auto maintenance package.

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At Automotive Experts of Maple Valley we realize that our clients are all looking for the same thing, the best service at reasonable prices, and we make it our goal to provide this to them.

  • Cutting edge equipment and continuing technician education
  • Highest level of customer satisfaction
  • Highly experienced staff to address your concerns and needs
  • ASE approved technicians capable of servicing both domestic and foreign vehicles
  • Unbeatable low prices

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