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Automotive Experts of Maple Valley is a family owned and operated automotive repair company in Maple Valley.

We have years of experience and the most cutting-edge in both technology and equipment to ensure we can provide you with the best in fuel injector cleaning and fuel injection services.

Our continued investment in technology and expertise has kept us at the forefront of servicing today’s complex vehicles and their fuel injection systems.

Automotive Experts Inc. is committed to our customer’s satisfaction, and have made it a tradition to provide high quality products and excellent services all at reasonable prices.

Our commitment to that tradition has grown us from a small, unknown shop, to a multi branch repair center with a name as the area’s best in automotive repair.

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Fuel injection is a complicated system which regulates the delivery of the fuel. The main function of the fuel injection system is to lower the level of pollution, augment the performance of the automobile and reduce fuel consumption.

It can be important to opt for fuel injector cleaning to ensure effective functioning of this system around every 30K miles or less depending on the age and over all mileage of your vehicle.

Here are few symptoms that will help you identify when you should bring your car in for fuel injection service:

  • Poor fuel economy
  • Lack of power
  • Hard starting
  • Excessive exhaust emission
  • Poor drivability
  • Rough Idle

Fuel injectors don’t necessarily need to be replaced just because some of the above mentioned symptoms have occurred.The first step to try would be to get them professionally cleaned by an accredited repair shop. If that fails, Automotive Experts of Maple Valley has the ability to completely repair or replace your fuel injection system as well.

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Boost your automobile’s power and fuel economy with a complete fuel injection system service.

Automotive Experts will ensure that your fuel injection system is working at peak performance.

Our special features include:

  • Fully equipped contemporary workshop facilities
  • Provide high quality replacement injectors if needed
  • Wide range of automotive services
  • Adhere to high standard of performance
  • Guaranteed results
  • The best in customer satisfaction
  • A team of certified and dedicated professionals
  • Repair all kinds of vehicle makes and models
  • Always up to date with the most advanced and latest technology

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