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Automotive Experts of Maple Valley has been servicing the automotive aftermarket for many years by providing the customers around Maple Valley, WA with a premier solution for all their engine replacement needs.

We provide excellent service, finest quality engine replacements, engine overhauling and technical support at economical prices.

We make use of high quality parts while servicing engines and other components. We apply our time-tested process to ensure unsurpassed quality in all our replaced engines. We are committed to providing you nothing but the finest in engine replacement and rebuilt engines.

Coupled with excellent technical expertise and customer service, we are sure that you will find our engine services to be second to none in the entire industry.

If you are looking for replacement or elevated performance, in any of your automobiles, Automotive Experts Inc. has the engine that is right for you.

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Engine replacement is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle going strong. Symptoms of needed engine repair or replacement are:

  • Motor wont start
  • Check engine light is on
  • Car hesitates while driving or starting
  • Car using excess amount of oil
  • Engine shakes violently or makes a knocking noise
  • Exhaust releasing smoke that is blue-ish in color

These symptoms indicate that your engine requires major repair or replacement. Engine overhaul might be required when your engine consumes excessive oil, faces loss of compression and requires excessive oil clearances.

If you decide not opt for an engine overhaul, you may be faced with more damage to other systems in your car, which in the long run will also need to be repaired or replaced.

Take care of your engine repair now, and don’t pay for costly repairs on other systems later.

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  • We build superior quality products
  • Satisfied customers
  • Wide range of engines both rebuilt and new
  • Upfront and economical prices
  • Employ advanced diagnosis technology
  • ASE certified and licensed auto and car mechanics

Call the experts at Automotive Experts Inc. and let us work to earn your business.

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