Automotive Experts Inc. is a family owned and operated auto electrical service company in Maple Valley, WA. Our professional team is renowned, not only for its experience but also for patience and friendly assistance in all matters concerning repairing and servicing your vehicle.

As one of the leading car electrical service facilities, Automotive Experts Inc. is committed to rendering superior quality products and customer service.

Automotive Experts Inc. provides auto electrical service for all makes and models and keeps all its technicians current on all advanced and innovative techniques to ensure that we are at the forefront when it comes to overcoming the automotive electrical challenges that to days modern car brings to the table.


When it comes to electrical work, you need the highly skilled and trained A.S.E. Certified technicians from Automotive Experts of Maple Valley. Some of the components in your car that may be controlled by electronics or a computer system could include:

  • Transmission
  • Alternator
  • Starter
  • Anti lock Breaks
  • Driver Interface System
  • Console and Gauges

The electrical system should be completely examined and tested every two years.

Due to age, heat stress and usage, the components of the electrical system might become stressed. If you face the following symptoms, then it’s time to bring your car to Automotive Experts of Maple Valley

For auto electrical service:

  • When the engine lights is on
  • When you experience strange sounds and burning smell
  • Head lights and interior lights dim periodically
  • Dead battery
  • Loose or broken electrical connections

Weak battery replacement should not be ignored, as the new battery will avoid repairs to the alternators and starters, prolonging the life of your automobile. Car electrical service should be done from time to time; orelse it will result in more complications, as it will lead to troubles ranging from slow starting to poor gas mileage due to computer run components being out of sync.


Automotive Experts Inc. in Maple Valley, WA provides first class service along with offering competitive prices for supply, repair and installation of electrical components in a wide range of vehicles.

Our specialties include:

  • Advanced engine management detection program
  • Quick and efficient repairs and services
  • Certified and quality mechanics
  • Free request inspection
  • Use only genuine quality parts to ensure good performance

We pride ourselves on providing quality service to our customers and are a recognized and authorized automotive business repair center.

For more details on our car electrical system services, feel free to call us! (425) 432-7767