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Your vehicle’s braking system is its most important safety component. Stay ahead of all potential problems with your brakes by letting our brake repair specialists perform checks, maintenance, and repairs as needed. The key to keeping you ahead of any costly brake repairs is a consistent maintenance service schedule. Automotive Experts of Maple Valley is here to provide you with a quick but thorough brake check for your vehicle. If you haven’t noticed any problems with your braking system, that’s the perfect time to receive one of our quality brake checks. Owners will often wait until their vehicle starts “talking” to them before they bring it in for service. The braking system is no different than the engine or any other mechanical system. It’s best to be proactive, which means visiting our shop before you notice any warning signs is the best strategy. Your brakes can last much longer than you ever expected if you let our professionals give you the heads up about their condition. When you wait until you hear or feel a problem, you could be ready for an expensive repair.

Brake Pad, Rotor, Fluid Replacements

The first warning sign that your brakes need attention is a high-pitched squealing sound. Your brakes were designed to give you an early alert when you brake pads have worn too low. This alert sounds like a squeal every time you apply your brakes. Most of us have heard this at one time or another; either from our own vehicle or other vehicles on the road. If you’re hearing this sound, you should come to Automotive Experts as soon as possible. Sometimes it can be hard to recognize the squealing from inside the vehicle because the windows are rolled up or the radio’s turned on. Therefore, it’s a good idea to drive with the windows down occasionally so you can hear the true condition of your brakes. If you don’t respond quickly to this early warning, your brakes will soon start making a scraping sound when you press the brake pedal. And this will turn into a metal-on-metal grinding noise that indicates an emergency. Your braking system may break down completely, but you will surely need to replace the brake rotors. Avoid expensive and extensive damages to your braking system by being proactive. Other warning signs can be a slight shudder or vibration in the steering wheel or pedal.

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Motorists should pay close attention to the condition of their brakes. If you’re a driver who has a “lead foot” when it comes to the brake pedal, you’ll probably be a repair early. The brake pads are not meant to last, but their road-life will be much shorter if you a heavy breaking habit. These drivers are usually caught off guard by worn brakes. Automotive Experts will keep you and your passengers safer with our timely brake maintenance and repairs. No matter what condition your vehicle is in, we have the tools and experience to make sure you leave road-ready. Whether you need fluid replacements, brake pad replacements, or rotor repairs we have you covered. Give us a call today at 425-432-7767 to schedule your brake repair appointment. You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system.